Bari is an Italian city of 324,198 inhabitants in the Puglia region. It is also known for being the city where the relics of St. Nicholas rest. This condition made Bari and its basilica one of the favorite centers of the Orthodox Church in the West


The commune territory is at the center of a large and depressed area, the basin of Bari. However, in its central part, it is driven a few miles inland to the centers of Capurso, Triggiano, Bitritto, Modugno and Bitonto, meeting So the first slopes of Murge. The city ranges from 0 to 131 meters above sea level. The communal house is located at 5 meters altitude.
The shape of the city is often described as an eagle with its wings, the head of which is the small peninsula on which the first urban nucleus, Bari Vecchia.

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