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The church was built close to the city walls that long ago surrounded the whole old town. According to the historians, on the place where the church is now, in the 19th century there was the old castle, which was mainly used as a prison and a torture chamber. In 1855 a priest ordered the ancient mansion to be destroyed and to forget the atrocities that had been committed there, he ordered to build the church of “Our Lady of Sorrows” to wipe out the gloomy past. The façade is respectful of the spirit of the simple neoclassical style. It is divided in an orderly and regular way by some pilasters and a string-course which marks the two floors. The very simple portal has a trabeation with an inscription where the building is devoted to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, the ancient name of the Lady of Sorrows and the year of foundation , 1855. The gable with a denticulate moulding, shows in its centre the Lady of Sorrows’ coat-of-arms: a heart stabbed with a stiletto. On the two side corners of the façade two profane statues are placed: the Delphic Sybil and the Eritrean one. According to some historians, these two statues belonged to a set of statues of the old Mother Church. The bell tower is very different from the simple façade and its bulb-shaped spire gives it a touch of brightness. In the interior of the church there are some wooden statues of Our Lady of Sorrows, of Our Lady of Holy Cross and of Resurrected Christ coming from the old church of Our Lady of Sorrows which was situated behind the Mother Church; indeed there still exists the road of the old Our Lady of Sorrows. The old church might have been pulled down to make room to the extension of the Mother Church in the 19th century. The ceiling is painted with tempera and in the middle of each span there are allegorical symbols of the martyrdom of Christ.

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