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The old Town Hall is nowadays used as the Library. Built in the eighteenth century, the building, surmounted by a small tower, was originally conceived as the Town Hall and the seat of the local Parliament.
At that time the enlargement of the existing building led to some variations in the road network since the ancient Main Street had to be modified. The small tower, which one can see flush with the faςade, was erected in 1819 to place the clock taken from the old Mother Church. In 1870, owing to further renovations of the ancient building, the faςade was restored and the top of the tower was refined with a small round niche with a Tuscan colonnade.
Also such decorations, as well as the clock, once belonged to one of the two small belltowers which bordered the dome of the present Mother Church.
Rooms on the ground floor and on the first floor are very large, unlike the ones on the top floor, which have barrel vaults and were originally used as prison cells (the marks on the floor left by the prisoners can be seen still today).
Today the building houses the Civic Library, dedicated to Antonio Bruno. From here, the town cultural events are also co-ordinated.
On the top floor, once used as a prison, there are today the town historical archives and the archaeological record centre about the Grofoleo settlement, one of the most interesting Neolithic settlements in Apulia.

Centre to archaeological study: "insediamento di Grofoleo"
Visit hours: 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. -16.00p.m. to 18.00 p.m..

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