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The Church of Santo Stefano is today deconsecrated and houses th   Art Gallery  named after Pino Pascali, and can be reached by walking through the small lanes of the historic centre, towards its most extreme end.  It dates back to the 13th century and its humble architecture tells us of a long gone past.  The church is dedicated to Santo Stefano, to whom the Longobards were devoted too, and whose cultural influence left important traces in the Puglia Region during the duchy of Benevento. The outside is simple, with a portal surmounted by a lunette and a small bell gable. When the sky is clear, the intense light blue of the sky is the spellbinding background of the church. The one room interior, which has been refurbished quite many times, is divided in two spans: the first one with a lenticular dome vault, the second one with a barrel vault, an architectonic element visible on other coeval churches in the Puglia area.

Matarrese, D. (1995) Polignano a Mare guida storico-turistica, Fasano, Schena Editore.

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