Seeking the majesty of the divine in Puglia.
Religious tourism is not a new idea, something thought up recently. It is the oldest, the most important form of “tourism” in the history of Mankind.
Every society has produced members whose quest was to commune with the divine. Religious travel has its roots in the pilgrimages. Since antiquity the desire to embark on a journey for religious purposes has inspired people throughout the world.
There is a direct link between religion as a cultural phenomenon and tourism.
Visitors are amazed by the countless number of religious sites spread throughout the region and the most varied influences visible in buildings.
Puglia has been influenced by many cultures who have tried to conquer a position to enjoy the benefits between the West and the East.
You will find religious buildings in the Byzantine style, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque. What are you waiting to organize your spiritual vacation in Puglia? include in your itinerary also the Shrine of Padre Pio which is  an hour and a half away from Costa dei Trulli.



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