Typical Buildings

La Costa dei Trulli is rich of trulli, historic farms, small houses and underground mills scattered among olive groves. These buildings are examples of functional architecture of a mainly agricultural past, which today is a cultural heritage of inestimable value.
From the Valley Itria is possible to cross with his eyes until the coastal strip through a forest of olive trees, true works of art that nature has changed by bending with the wind.
Among the olive trees, almond trees, cherry trees and carob is an outbreak of white farmhouses whitewashed . Masserias are typical buildings whose architecture has evolved in the transition between the medieval and the modern economy . Some have fortified walls , others had function of the Watch Tower , most , however, is characterized by the presence of a small church inside. From the sixteenth century on, they become a place of pastoral - agricultural use . Some historic farms have retained their original function. As well as to visit them so you can buy dairy products, bread , tarallli and " Friselle " produced directly from the hands of the farmer.



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